Max Richter – Voyager: Essential Max Richter

The Chick Corea Elektric Band – The Complete Studio Albums: 1986-1991
enero 9, 2024
Concorde MKII Twin Mix
enero 18, 2024
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Max Richter – Voyager: Essential Max Richter


Cuatro LPs de 180 g en fundas impresas dentro de una caja rígida limitada a 2.500 copias numeradas a mano.

Fabricado en Alemania.


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A1 On The Nature Of Daylight 6:14
A2 A Catalogue Of Afternoons 1:49
A3 Spring 0 0:42
A4 Spring 1 2:32
A5 Autumn Music 2 3:52
A6 Modular Astronomy 3:18
A7 Vladimir’s Blues 1:21
B1 November 6:07
B2 Dream 3 (In The Midst Of My Life) 10:02
B3 Hope Strings Eternal 1:19
B4 Iconography 3:41

A1 Circles From The Rue Simon-Crubellier 1:07
A2 Infra 8 3:19
A3 War Anthem 6:55
A4 Lullaby From The Westcoast Sleepers 2:05
A5 Sunlight 5:38
A6 In The Garden 4:59
B1 Broken Symmetries For Y 1:03
B2 Mercy 5:23
B3 Dream Solo 6:54
B4 Path Solo 4:09

A1 Beginning And Ending 4:51
A2 The Departure 1:17
A3 The Inexorable Advance Of Mr. Delaney 2:58
A4 The Young Mariner 4:07
A5 Trigger 4:20
B1 Elena & Lila 4:54
B2 A Blessing 2:31
B3 Ride To Marathon Station 2:11
B4 Lamentation For A Lost Life 2:19
B5 The Mind’s Eye 2:48
B6 Where We Belong 2:56
B7 A New Generation 2:48


A1 On Reflection 7:16
A2 Wheels Within Wheels 4:00
A3 Your Reflection 3:36
A4 And Know The Place For The First Time 2:52
A5 A Woman Alone 1:49
B1 Our Reflection 5:34
B2 Wershe & Son 2:17
B3 Miss Sloane Solo 2:07
B4 The Departure 2:31
B5 I Will Not Forget You 3:54


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